Katy Martin


Katy Martin just made a new video to be projected, on stage, during a live jazz performance by the Matthew Shipp Quartet. It's at Roulette in Brooklyn on Wednesday, June 22 at 7 pm.

The video is a single take - 45 minutes - where she makes a new painting, using her body, at a pace that's designed to complement the music. The event is part of this year's Vision Festival.

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Katy Martin vient de réaliser une nouvelle vidéo qui sera projetée, sur scène, lors d'une performance jazz live du Matthew Shipp Quartet, le mercedi 22 juin à 19 heures à la Roulette,

à Brooklyn, New York City.

La vidéo est un plan séquence unique de 45 minutes pendant lequel elle réalise une peinture inédite, utilisant son corps comme pinceau, à un rythme conçu pour accompagner la musique.

L'événement fait partie de Vision Festival  2022.


Prints, Paintings & Performance

Fergus McCaffrey

New York

15 mars – 2 avril 2022

Performance : 30 mars de 18 à 20 heures

“All my work centers around painting as performance, as an act that brings with it the  artist’s whole body.” Katy Martin

Katy Martin FMNY Flyer.jpg
Katy Martin_ Local Color __B5160__ 2014.jpg

Katy Martin,  Local Color (#5160), 2014

Archival pigment print on cotton rag paper, 22 x 15 1/4 inches (55.9 x 38.7 cm) © Katy Martin


Film Hanafuda / Jasper Johns (1979-81) in the Jasper Johns retrospective exhibition, the Whitney Museum and the Philadelphia Museum of Art

But the real glory is a selection of abstract prints Johns made between 1977 and 1995 with Japanese artists in Tokyo and New York (he is seen in action in an accompanying film by Katy Martin). These prints, composed of unstable patterns of crosshatched parallel lines, are collectively titled “Usuyuki” or “light snow,” the name of an 18th-century Kabuki play that Johns has described as being about “the fleeting quality of beauty in the world.”

Holland Cotter « Jasper Johns: Divide and Conquer », New York Times Sept 24, 2021 (excerpt from the article on the Jasper John’s retrospective exhibition at the Whitney Museum and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.)

Bill & Katy, _Jasper Johns_ Divide and Conquer_ Holland Cotter, NYT 24 sept 2021.jpg

Katy Martin and Bill Brand on the photo


Katy Martin's Solo Exhibition

Movement Scores

Garage Art Center
26-01 Corporal Kennedy Street
Bayside, NY 11360 (USA)


Movement Scores

du 7 au 30 mai 2021

Vernissage samedi 8 mai 2021 de 16 h à 18 heures


Movement Is a Mark

dimanche 30 mai 2021 de 15 h à 16 h 30


Katy Martin's Solo Exhibition "Movement Scores"
The Garage Art Center, Queens, New York
May 7 - 30, 2021

"I plan to show photographs and a large painting on canvas. I will also do a performance, "Movement Is a Mark", where I create a new painting in the exhibition space. All my work centers around painting as performance, as an act that brings with it the artist’s whole body."

Live Performance:"Movement Is a Mark", Sunday May 30, 3 pm-4pm

Katy-Martin_Animation in Blue (frame #2)

Katy Martin "Animation in Blue (frame #2)", 2021

Katy Martin ©Stephanie Lee, Garage Art C

Katy Martin, Performance #2, Sunday May 30, 2021
Photo : © Stephanie Lee, Garage Art Center

Movement Scores: Interview with Artist Katy Martin

By Meagan J. Meehan, May 30, 2021


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