ROBERT HUNTER (2) Grazia Gun "A Nothing Point"
ROBERT HUOT Film Information
ROBERT HUOT On the Red Classic Series
CAROL KINNE (2) Notes on Carol Kinne's Paintings
LUCY LIPPARD "Full of it" sur Robert Huot (trad. fr.)
LUCY R LIPPARD lecture du 26.4.2012
LAURA MARELLO Lecture du 28 juin 2012
CARMENGLORIA MORALES Textes théoriques années 70-80
MARIA MORGANTI (2) Walls of Work on Paper
PIERO MORGANTI Diario di Viaggio Parigi 23-28 ottobre 1992
JUDITH NELSON (2) "How Paper Responds To..."
FRANCOIS RISTORI (2) Proposition-peinture
BARBARA ROSE interview Carl Andre
MARIANNE SCHARN (2) A Correspondence with Carl Andre
EIJI SUZUE (2) Fragments de "L'Éclair de Paris"
RYO TAKAHASHI (2) Écrits d'expositions


1929, Washington, D.C. born.

1932, New Iberia, LA, picked up Cajun phrases from playmates.

1939, Began to piece together that my paternal grandfather, Alexander was born in Sialkot, in the Punjab of Pakistan, which city was founded by an uncle of the Pandavas, heros of the Mahabarata. As a young child Alexander spoke Punjabi; his missionary parents had escaped by a 60 mile night ride to Lahore by horse and buggy through the midst of the Sepoi Mutiny, where more than 70,000 Sepois were massacring foreigners. As a kid I puzzled over some of the mysterious inscriptions.

1941, Just after Pearl Harbor my father mentioned a Huguenot ancestor’s horror tales about Louis XIV’s dragoons being quartered in the citizens’ homes without their consent.

1945, Met Yehudi Menuhin in an ice cream parlour, who expounded a 15 minute music lesson that remains useful to this day.

1948, Trombonist in a Navy Band, where in Guam I heard  some Polynesian dialects. Got polio.

1949, Renewed interest in Sanskrit at an Indian temple.

1952-58, Met Ezra Pound (at St. Elizabeths in Washington, DC while I attended George Washington University): he published my translation of a poem by Li Tai Po. Studied mainly English, Chinese, Greek, Italian, French, and some Provencal poetry with him on weekly visits.

1955, Corresponded with Noel Stock who was printing my new translations of Mencius in Edge in Melbourne.

1953, Met, talked, and corresponded with Louis Zukofsky about his Catullus.

1956, Met, worked, and corresponded with Hollis Frampton, one of the most interesting geniuses fate ever allowed a brief floruit in the second half of the Century. He introduced me to the splendors of a restored Iliad, benevolently mimeographed a rogue translation of Mencius, and lectured on Stravinsky and the possibility of a 20th Century Culture.

1956, Published “Through The Needle’s Eye” (performed and reviewed by Dudley Fitts, S.R.O. at Oberlin College).

1956, Met and observed e.e.cummings’ seraphics as he withstood the bombardment of Pound’s ironies at St. Elizabeths.

1956, Met Guy Davenport at St. Elizabeths, who was excavating a palaeographical Sappho.

1956, B.A. from George Washington University; Washington, DC. Greek, French, Biology (mainly).

1957, Met Reno Odlin, polymath (at St. Elizabeths); corresponded, and worked with him in continuing APO Bulletin, and other  endeavors.

1958-1962, Continued study of poetics with Pound in Italy.

1962, MA, University of Wisconsin; Greek, Latin, Provencal, Beowulf (for the most part).

1962, met Hugh Kenner who held forth on late 20th Century Culture under a blistering electrical storm on a lake in Madison, Wisconsin.

1964, Mang Tzu, experimental translation of Mencius, published.

1962-2001, Corresponded with James Laughlin; also made a selection of EP-JL Letters (1994).

1975, “Equinox,” a translation of T’ang poets.

1980, At about this time, the first symptoms of post-polio syndrome appeared.

1983, Began (while contributing to Carroll F. Terrell’s Paideuma, in Orono), a five year experiment to show “The Confucian Basis for Ezra Pound’s Cantos,” which was  read by Reno Odlin and Guy Davenport.

1985, “The Wild Old Man,” a translation of Lu Yu.

1986, In these years, corresponded with and met the amazing sculptor and poet Carl Andre.

1988, Met (at the Chamberlain Conference), discussed, and later corresponded with Barry Goldensohn on  Chaucerian  metrics. About this time I began to look more closely into Akkadian, and Sanskrit.

1988, “Outward,” part I of a long poem. Had begun about 10 years earlier to build on a framework derived from the Great Learning of Confucius, and the Bill of Rights (among other things). The National Poetry Foundation at the University of Maine offered publication of the ten proposed volumes. Reno Odlin, typographer, critiqued, cursed, urged, cut the fonts, put it on the page, and would stay the course for a life-time.

1991, “Repairs,” part II of a long poem.
(Confucian Make it New, Amendment II)

1992, Met and corresponded with the artist Judith Nelson.

1993, “Rest,” part III of a long poem.
(Confucian Come to Rest, Amendment III)

1996, Began “Stem” (Part Four of the long poem).
(Planned according to  the principle of the “roots and branches” gradation of the Confucian schema which entails a detailed search through  earliest records for convergent ethical bases, still innate in human make-up but  it has proved much more intractable than any of the othervparts till now completed.) Preliminary versions of the six sections of Stem:
‘Tyrant,’ ‘Peer,’ ‘Backlash,’ ‘Scorpion,’ ‘Dragonflies,’ and ‘Flood’ were printed on the following dates:

    1996, Dragonflies,’ Constance Hunting’s Puckerbrush Review, Orono, xiv, ii, Winter-Spring.

    1997, Scorpion,’ Puckerbrush Review, xv, i, Summer-Fall.

    1997, Tyrant,’ Puckerbrush Review, xv, ii, Summer-Fall.

    1998, Peer,’ Puckerbrush Review, Summer-Fall.

    1999, Backlash,’ Puckerbrush Review, Winter-Spring.

    2000, Flood I,’ Puckerbrush Review, Winter-Spring.

    2001, Flood II,’ Puckerbrush Review, Winter-Spring.

    2001, Tyrant II,’ (revised).

    2002, Tyrant’ (final) Puckerbrush Review, Autumn.

    2003, DragonFlies’.

    2003, Tyrant’ (end).

    2004, Peer’.

    2005, THE RADIATA TRIPTYCH: “Learn,” “Define,” “ Heart,” parts V, VI, VII.

    2006, SURVIVE IN TRIAD: “Self,” “Famille,” “Earth,” parts VIII, IX, X.

    2007, Introduction to “VOYAGE”.

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Repairs, Part II of a Long Poem, (Orono, Maine: The National Poetry Foundation, 1991).

Rest, Part III of a Long Poem (Orono, Maine: The National Poetry Foundation, 1993).


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2009, ‘Lip  The  Ecliptic,’ galerie A.  Lefebvre, 15 Jan.–14 Feb.          
2009,  ‘Long,  lean,  balance,’ galerie A. Lefebvre, 7 May-8 Jun.
2009, ‘Odys,’   galerie  A. Lefebvre, 10 Sept.-10 Oct.
2010, ‘Kneel-Worthy  Lady,’ ‘My   Ramshackle House’ by Lu Yu,

8 Apr.-15 May.

Artist Images


at Lewis Cove
© Keith Petersen, 2007

David Gordon
2003 © Ellen Gordon